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About Serve Animals blog

Updated on 28.01.2021

Serve Animal’s purpose is to call people into action so we get more ‘doers’ in the world. Those the people that create permanent change.

There are many waiting for a knock on their door calling them into action and asking, “Are you ready fro something big?” Those who are waiting may not know what they can do or how they can do it, so they remain stuck in their comfort zone, frozen by uncertainty.

Serve Animals is a forum for people of every type and of and all ages who want to pay it forward and offer inspiration, togetherness, support, feedback and networking. It is also a place to share opinions, experiences, emotions and thoughts. Here it is possible to see life from another’s perspective and learn how fulfilling it can be to work for the love of it and not expect any reward except the satisfaction of a job well done.

It is a blog about and for those that would be a voice for wild animals and fight for their rights and precious lives before even more species become extinct. We make it our personal responsibility to put ourselves in the place of the wild animals and serve them, rather than the other way around. And we work tirelessly to put an end to the suffering of animals at the hands of humankind.

“Wild animals have no voice. You and I do. Imagine that you did not have a voice and could not defend yourself. Each of us has the responsibility to combat Climate Change and the eradication of wildlife. And we must take up that fight here and now.”