Close to a wild animal

The tourists are looking for places that are more special, exotic and experience very close to the large animal groups, such as the lion, sea turtle and the dolphin, to have a picture taken with them. After that, the person will post it on his social media, to get conscious as unconscious confirmation through the attention that others will give the person’s ego via likes, comments and share the picture.

If you post a picture of yourself or someone you know, you will feed others to wish it together and pass on the information that it is perfectly okay to get close to a wild animal, touch it with your bare hands or hold it. Through here you want to suppress the animal, because what is natural in that image for the animal natural behavior? BECAUSE the picture conveys the message that it is okay to do it against a wild animal. People who see your image lose understanding of what natural behavior is for a wild animal.

You may not know how harmful it is to continue giving this kind of image. Maybe your picture is taken with the best intention, perhaps of an animal that has been rescued? Unfortunately, those who see your picture will NOT REMEMBER your text to picture or your story in the video, they will REMEMBER the picture, feeling as they got and the thought that came afterwards. If the person looks up to you, they will begin to think that it is okay to have contact with a wild animal anywhere in the world. This results in the person will pay money to have a picture taken with a wild animal.

Why should beach after beach, rainforest after rainforest, savannah for glaciers be taken in by the tourists, yes, by you, by your friends, by your family and by your network, before you are full? Now you know how harmful it is to get taken and share this photo. What do you want to do from here on out?

Being a responsible tourist requires conscious action

Accountability is something we need to choose to learn and it is the few who have the ability to be responsible. Accountability is something that needs training and repetition all the time, every day, just like when you are in the gym, training you to become physically strong, this is exactly what it is like to learn to be responsible, because we can keep we mentally strong with personal leadership, otherwise we WILL relax and become unconsciously irresponsible in our actions.

If you did not personally engage in researching and gathering information from experts, organizations working to put an end to dealing with exotic animals for the pleasure of tourism, how do you know what is good and harmful? In the choice of the various safaris that are offered or surrounded in the wild. Here it is NOT ENOUGH to believe, gain the knowledge of others or read an article about it because it is characterized by the social media marketing unhealthy view of making money.

Here you’ve a responsibility to take: What do you want to support with the new information you have been given? And what’s your why, for this new election?

What’s your WHY? In what you do

In a scale of 1 to 10, how conscious are you of where your WHY originated from? And why you feel why do you? and do as you do in your WHY? And how well does your why benefit you?

How much are you aware of where your why is coming from? How did your why come about? In most cases, it stems from the experiences of your past, yes, from your past. Maybe you think it has nothing to do with my past, it has it, because what we do right now and here is characterized by our past, unconscious unhealthy pattern as conscious healthy pattern for you that you are convinced is a healthy one for you. Your ego wants to keep you in the familiar, well-known bad patterns that you have been given than from the breast milk. How much do you actively work with an awareness of why you do as you do in your actions?

Your why is important in your conscious actions before you can be a responsible tourist. Why are you posting a picture where you are with a wild animal? You do NOT do it for the animal the best you do it for yourself, because the image is harmful to the animal, all the wild animals. So, why are you posting the picture? If you stand within it is important the animal is well and would like to avoid unnecessary pain?

If you post the picture, you NEED to take a good look beyond yourself, and train your muscle in conscious responsibility, which can result in YOU being a leader for yourself, your friends, your family and colleagues.

Thanks you!