I am only a tourist when I am on vacation. What about you?

Travel agencies urge their tourist to be responsible tourists in the country they travel in. Yet, why not be a responsible tourist in your own country?

What is the definition of the word tourist? A tourist is a person, visiting a place far away from their daily lives. They are there to enjoy themselves.

This is a short online description of what a tourist means. From a scale of 1-10, how do you see yourself as a responsible tourist? Most people do not believe they are a tourist in their own country. At what point in your life did you stop understanding? When did you stop respecting that the animals on this planet were here before humans? The media has brainwashed us to believe that we are only a tourist when we travel. However, we are a tourist even in our home country.
Fact: The dinosaurs lived on this planet 10 million years ago before humans existed.

We are guests on this planet

Contrary to mainstream belief, we are tourists on this planet. We are part of the animal kingdom but believe ourselves to be superior to them. Because of this belief we kill them just to feed our ego. Today many of these species are threatened because of human activity.

Fact: The wild animals need other species to maintain a balance in our ecosystem. As humans we are part of this ecosystem and we can not survive with out them. However, the animals on this planet can would thrive without humans.
Choose to travel with a personal leadership, integrity and respect for all the animals that surround us. We need each and every one of them so we can put food on the table and survive as a species.


We do not appreciate the environment or the animals in it, if we did we would not be blind to the truth. When we are close to a wild animal we fail to recognize the suffering the tourist industry put these animals through. In order for tourists to be able to observe an animal show, ride on an elephant’s back, touch a baby elephant or feed milk to a lion cub we have to break these animals psychologically and destroy their natural instincts. These animals suffer greatly.

The importance of tourism

It is import to remember that wild animals give space for humans. They keep their distance. However, because their natural habitat is under threat we have taken their possibility to live in peace far away from humans. We have violated their rights on this planet. You can choose from this moment on to redefine yourself as a tourist. Take responsibility and serve global wildlife. Put these wild animals first. Put biodiversity first. Biodiversity is under serious threat due to human activities. Choose the needs of our ECOsystem not our EGOsystem. By subscribing to Serve Global Wildlife’s YouTube channel you can learn how to take responsibility as a tourist. Act now!

Thank you!