Mother Earth does not have a Plan B

Mother Earth tries her best to stop the damage being done by mankind, often creating what appear to be natural disasters like climate change. No matter how large, well-funded and skilled the organizations climate change may be, that cannot do it alone. It is not too late to stop climate change, but this can ONLY happen if everyone, all of us, start changing how we behave in everyday life.

Parents could become role models for their children and stop buying and using products, clothing and other items that are harmful to the planet. Our parents passed the earth to us, and we are honour bound to leave it healthy and help it continue to be a rich natural breeding ground for the generations of animals and people to come.

We are all connected to animals and nature

All forms of life are important. They all have rights and should be treated equally. No form of life is more important than any other. We are all connected and one can not live without the other. Wild animals, nature and you and I, we all need each other.

The calculations for saving nature are simple. The longer time it takes us to change our behaviours, the more chaos we will pass on to the next generations. We can not change our past, but we CAN work together to make our future a better place for the entire planet.

Black Friday

Many people love Black Friday for the chance it gives them to buy more clothing or equipment inexpensively and fill our need for ‘more’. We feel the need to have the newest and the latest. Could that be why many shoppers only hit the stores on Black Friday?

Wearing new clothes is a wonderful feeling that most people enjoy. Why not make that good feeling last longer by donating the money you would have spent on clothes that will be out of style next year on wild animals in need? Wild animals only have ONE NEED, to have their habitats rescued from the negative effects of mankind’s selfishness.

Volunteers are Mother Earth’s Plan B

Nothing is impossible, but change often requires hard work. It may seem impossible to say to a person not aware of the damage it can cause,”the shampoo you use contains plastic that goes straight through the treatment plant and into ocean. It is pure poison. The response may be, “ the planet will be fine in my lifetime”. Often, the more they are confronted with reality, the harder they will work to deny it. We need to support each other.

Volunteers can work together to blaze a trail that awakens humanity’s consciousness, create change and help rebuild the earth by balancing of nature’s accounts. Volunteers are Mother Earth’s Plan B and OUR HEROES because they give back now, by doing more than just sitting on the couch and complaining. They do the kind of work that allows them to say, “I’ve made a difference”.

“I believe that volunteers are Mother Earth’s Plan B. They should not have to spend their own money to be able to go and work at one of the many NGOs doing good work. I have developed Serve Global Wildlife to provide free services and help with basic needs so that there is more money for volunteers to do their work.” Tanja Andersen, Founder of Serve Global Wildlife