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Selfie time, yesss, click!!

“Look at my pictures of me with a full grown tiger! Am I lucky, or what?”

”I’ve just been to Thailand and got a massage from a baby elephant while on the beach!”

“It was a wild experience to ride on an elephant’s back!”

“It was just so cute to have my picture taken while sitting and cuddling a baby monkey.”

Yep. You just supported an animal abuser

There are many different reasons that our selfish needs can take over our better selves: Sometimes we just don’t have enough information, some of us avoid seeing the truth of a situation, sometimes we just want to look ‘cool’ and yes, some of us just don’t care. The simple truth is, when we see programs on TV that feature wild animals like bears living in and enjoying their natural habitat, they are NOT surrounded by people. The truth is, many people are simply not sure what is right and what is wrong when it comes to animals.

That is why it is important to have role models that can explain why seeking selfies with wild animals is cruel. Some people do not have those types of role models around them, so it is important that you, yes you, become that role model. You can help teach others what is really happening and help prevent the illegal abuse and trafficking of wildlife.

Organizations and people who earn money by suppling baby animals for selfies often get those animals using inhumane methods. For example, stealing a baby dolphin from its mother and constantly mentally abusing it so it becomes tame enough to be used as a prop for photos throughout its entire life in captivity.

Animal trafficking will never stop if we do not immediately decide “IT IS UP TO ME” and say “NO!”.

Words are not enough. They must be supported with action.

Simply say NO

Many of us have petted and held wild animals at shows and taken a selfie with them. But is that really natural? Wild animals are not domesticated in the same way as dogs or cats and were not bred for our enjoyment. Just say NO!

NO requires action!

”I say NO to taking selfies with a single wild animal ever again, and:

NO to petting them

NO to riding on their backs

NO to getting a massage from them

NO to taking a walk with a wild animal

NO to holding them

NO to watching them ‘dance’

NO to attending circuses and animal shows

NO to bottle-feeding them

NO to not reporting those that abuse animals

NO to ‘liking’, sharing or in any way distributing photos, videos or other material that shows animal abuse

YES to: Choosing to save for the opportunity to travel to natural habitats and experience animals in the wild and see their natural behavior. This is a life experience worth sharing.

The truth revealed

From the founder of Serve Animals, Tanja Andersen

Turkey in 2009 – I could taste the chlorine in the water. Yes, I have been to shows during my education as animal trainer in 2010. That was when my eyes started to open, because I saw things that were simply wrong. In 2013, I stopped supporting the abuse of wild animals, realizing that our treatment of them was being ruled by our FUCKING egos and that we never stopped to consider the question,

“What life would the animal chose, if it could make its own choice?”

Simply, to live in freedom, away from those that would take their lives – human beings – the greatest threat to all living creatures, including ourselves.

I serve the wild animals and the victims of animal abuse. We have all helped to support animal abuse, so now, do the animals the service of keeping this sentence in mind:

“Am I doing this for the animal, or for myself?”