Pleaser = Global warming

I often support business people and the person close to me, who told me that I have to choose between focusing on the animals or self-development in my work. I chose the animals, to please the people that they were right, that I couldn’t do both things in my work through Serve Global Wildlife. That led to my death.

To be a pleaser was my death

The price of doing the best for others FIRST before myself, acting on their opinions and suppressing myself, I was few seconds to end, by ending in an accident in my car on the highway. I felt like the biggest bottle and I couldn’t do anything right, so why not take my life and do people a favor?

My ability to ask for help, act on it, and I called a friend for help stopped me from acting on it that day in my car. Thanks to those two things, it dawned on me how unhappy I was. The consequence was / is too high to pay, to do the best for others before myself, I was seconds to pay the consequence, even afterwards.

I even stood in the kitchen in the morning before my call to my friend and afterwards, with a knife in my hand, pressed the edge up my artery and thought, if I was hard enough and fast, then it will be the least painless for me so I can end my suffering. I didn’t feel any more pain.

I fought; FUCK IT WAS HARD. I struggled with the well-known, my own self-effacing and choosing my own happiness BEFORE others. On April 21, 2019, I chose to act. IT’S ENOUGH, NOW IT STOPS to be a please and welcome my greatest fear in my heart, to be repelled by everyone also by the community. Being a pleaser was my death. I chose to sell EVERYTHING I owned and travel to the world on March 4th 2020, to fight for wildlife rights through Serve Global Wildlife work.

My willingness to rise again and AGAIN made the difference, so today I am willing to sacrifice all relationships and things, for my own happiness. The consequence of going against my needs, opinions and standards is too high to pay. I choose to sacrifice EVERYTHING, it gives me the opportunity to keep my promise to myself and to my mother, to live, to be happy, to be able to laugh.

I say goodbye to passing on the suffering to those I have loved that my dad gave me when he chose to take his own life, March 2006. I choose to live and welcome my own happiness as the most important thing in my world. I choose to say goodbye to everything that wants the opposite for me. Thank you for being in my life and I wish you the best, goodbye.

It starts with yourself FIRST

The animals and self-development belong together hand in hand, because I cannot help another living being if I myself am alive. For where does my support come from when I cannot support myself. What I do in this movement is to poison myself, pass on my unhappiness to friends, family and society, because in the end, my ego is filled up completely unconsciously, that I need to pass it on to others, so my ego can feel good again, that’s why people judge each other and themselves. It happens to me and it happens to you, FACT how the brain works.

Through this movement, the needs of others before me, to be a pleaser, I will often experience the feeling of failure because I do not include myself in my work, relationships and actions. It starts with myself FIRST, and I CHOOSE to be the change I want to receive, pass on and see in the world. EVERYTHING starts with myself first, even for you who read this blog post, it starts with you looking deeper than yourself and taking responsibility for your past / sacrificial role, bad habits and irresponsible communication. What you pass on, you get again. What do you get back?

When do you stop being a victim? There are plenty of bad excuses as to why you are not acting on what you want, passing on to others and watching happen in the world. Stop your poison.