• Serve-Oceans

We were wrong!

Serve Oceans began after we had the experience of cleaning up a beach and the conversation we had about what we found. We discussed where are the trash came from and the consequences it may have in the wild.

We with our own eyes had bad things were. We had believed that since the municipality maintained the beach that it would be well-kept and we would not find much plastic or other rubbish. We were wrong! There was plastic under the sand and small pieces of trash and personal garbage everywhere: on the beach, in between the rocks and along the dunes. We spent less than an hour on a small section of the beach and filled up a large trash bag.

We saw how much people, through our own actions, leave our mark on Mother Earth. Mother Earth has no ability to fight back against the damage we do on a daily basis with our plastic, holiday trash and the other garbage we leave behind.

This is an opportunity to make a real difference while at the same time showing what a little effort can do.

We at Serve Global Wildlife will do our part, and we believe that if everyone took responsibility for just some of the trash, it would be possible to remove this enemy of the seas.